Little Miss Luna

I’m sure I speak for every mom when I say it’s so so exhausting to have so many little ones at home. They all depend on you for pretty much everything, and you’re happy to give all that you have but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard. The pillow at the end of the day is your best friend but even then you lay down with anxiety wondering how many hours you will get before someone starts crying for you. Then you look at pictures like this of these 3 little gems and your heart melts. All your cares go away for a split second, every mom heart melts, every worry disappears, every fight they had for the last hour seems a distant memory and you realize you really really love being a mom. There is no harder job on the planet! There is also no other job as rewarding as this, and every time you bring a little one home you realize why you keep doing this crazy “mom thing.” These little babes are the sweetest gift. And this pretty mama wears motherhood wonderfully well.

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